Commodity Trader’s Almanac 2008 (Almanac Investor Series)

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by Jeffrey A. Hirsch, Scott W. Barrie

Commodity Trader's Almanac 2008

“The Almanac also provides a monthly overview of pertinent statistics and highlights a particular futures market which may be poised for a dramatic move…”

Understanding the past and being aware of the present are essential to successfully navigating the commodities markets. To make the most of your time in these markets — whether you’re trading or hedging — you need the invaluable insights that can only be found in the Commodity Trader’s Almanac.

Organized in an easy-to-access calendar format based on the bestselling Stock Trader’s Almanac, the Commodity Trader’s Almanac 2008:


  • Highlights important market-based data and informs you of different market tendencies.
  • Features monthly almanac pages based around three major groupingsmetals, petroleum, and agriculture.
  • Alerts you to both seasonal opportunities and dangers.
  • Provides monthly and daily reminders.
  • Furnishes a historical viewpoint by providing pertinent statistics on past market performance as well as the supply/demand trends that create them.

Filled with a wealth of information regarding futures and commodities — from crude oil and coffee to gold and sugar — the Commodity Trader’s Almanac 2008 will help you locate potentially beneficial market opportunities throughout the course of the year.

08. May 2009 by DTbook
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