Electronic Day Traders Secrets

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by Marc Friedfertig , George West , Jonathan Burton

Electronic Day Traders' Secrets

The best-selling authors of The Electronic Day Trader have written another _must read_ for the growing population of day traders. Electronic Day Traders Secrets is a compilation of interviews with 13 highly successful free agents. The group is a snapshot of the industry: All 13 traders are male, most are under 30 and most started out in the securities industry before giving it all up for the promise of electronic day trading.

The tales are fantastic. Imagine losing $180,000 before you_ve finished your morning coffee, or making $30,000 on a day that the Dow plunges 550 points. These traders have experienced it all, and none is planning to change careers soon. The interviews reveal there is no single strategy for successful day trading. Each traders madness has its own method, and this page-turner tells all.

The success of the men profiled is almost enough to make you quit your day job. Electronic Day Traders Secrets cautions, however, that a career in day trading is risky, and newcomers should be prepared for significant losses. But just as in Vegas, there_s always a chance that the next hand will be a winner.

Electronic Day Traders Secrets, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

07. May 2010 by DTbook
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